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Saturday, February 16, 2013


Happy Saturday All!

I hope everyone had a loving Valentine's Day. Though my day didn't exactly go as planned, I realized, as I re-read my previous entry that it's not about where I am or what I'm doing. It's about who I'm with at that moment, second, span of time. 

I decided: NOW THIS IS LOVE!

I had a restful night's sleep, one of few as of lately. And as I read my horoscope, as I do every morning, it was humbling to encounter these words. 

Now I know not everyone out there is an Aquarius, however, I do know that everyone out there in someway can relate to these words:

Stop worrying about the future and concentrate on the present. 
You may be all wrapped up about some achievement you've been working toward.
You may be worried that you have missed some detail, or you may even be concerned that you won't "measure" up. 
What's most important now is that you live in the present moment, and that you invest yourself fully in what you are doing. Rest assured that everything is as it should be now, and if you focus on the here and now you will be fully prepared for the future when it arrives.


It's been a rough week/end. And waking up to a new day knowing that all the words I have written fall in line with the cosmos...well...that's a load off.

Plans have changed, I have diverged. But that doesn't mean I am a failure. YOU ARE NOT A FAILURE.

Life has a funny way of falling into place. But you can't control what pieces go where, when. That's probably the biggest struggle for a "controller" like myself. 

But then I ask myself, "What would happen if I took that very same second I usually take to rearrange my fresh flowers, to stop and just stand, look around that very room and BE present in THIS moment?"

What would happen if I started living my life KNOWING that everything's ok because I'm traveling down a road of preparation not perfection. 

What would happen if I started investing IN myself instead of betting AGAINST myself?

I ask you the same question.....a doosey I know!

Whether you believe in horoscopes, the cosmos, both or neither, this question is still relevant, it's still a challenge to digest and to consider and that's where I want to end this entry.

Are you courageous enough to close your eyes and just 

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