Shattered Glass

Friday, November 25, 2011

"Black Friday"

I hope everyone had a wonderful Turkey Day, Lord knows I'm still recovering from not one, but two feasts! 

Slowly, but surely I'll make it back to the gym, haha.

Well, the "biggest shopping day of the year" is here. BLACK FRIDAY that is.

I have a much as I am a self-proclaimed fashionista, Black Friday is not my favorite shopping day of the year.

Sure - the sales are plentiful, but so are the crowds!

I prefer a more serene and enjoyable experience when I'm mulling through the racks, the possibility of being run over by a shopping cart is just not my idea of fun, but that's just me.

In the spirit of sales however, I decided to learn more about this fan favorite day.

I know it's the beginning of the Christmas season, but the "where" and "why" are still mysteries to me.

Ah, Google, how I love thee.

Within seconds I learned that the name "Black Friday" originated in Philly of all places. 

According to Time Magazine:

"The term Black Friday itself was used to describe something else entirely - the Sept. 24th, 1864, stock-market panic set off by plunging gold prices. Newspapers in Philadelphia re-appropriated the phrase in the late 1960s - using it to describe the rush of crowds at stores.The justification came much later, tied to accounting balance sheets where black ink would represent a profit."

Interesting, no?

I had no idea that something dating back that many years ago would turn into the full-contact sport that it is today! 


Stores, online retailers...they're all the same...sales, sales, sales. Get up early, get the best deal!

I noticed today, when I was searching online, that the best deals indeed ended at noon, almost every site I visited were promoting  things at half price. 

I was MORE than tempted to make some purchases ( guilty, cough cough).

Though I most likely won't make it out to the stores today, I'm counting on all of you to share your adventurous tales with me.

What'd you buy? Where did you find the best deals? Was it PACKED?!

I'm dying of anticipation....


Monday, November 21, 2011

"And Best Dressed Goes To..."

Last night the AMA's were on so of course I tuned in for the sights and sounds.

I always love watching awards shows, its a perfect way to see what's what - new, trendy, "in" and not so in.

Naturally, I had my favs, but I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the faux pauxs as well.

(Nikki Minaji...cough cough)

Well, in the spirit of awards, I'll get right to it.

My top three fashion stars go to:
1. Jennifer Lopez - the black lace was risky but if anyone can pull off something like this, sexy with a hint of class, after TWINS no less, it's Miss. Lopez

2. Katherine Heigl - I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this dress. It is very "old hollywood-esk", the flowiness, the deep plunge, I thought it was extremely flattering and appropriate. I would've liked to see it in a deep burgundy perhaps, but nonetheless I thought the dress was a smart choice. The caged heels, to die, as were the drop earrings. When working with so much skin, a slicked back up-do is a must.

3. Taylor Swift - "Little Miss Country" has grown up! I absolutely love this dress. It's simple, classic, and YOUTHFUL. True to Taylor. I think taking risks are important when it comes to fashion, however, I think it's equally as important to KNOW WHAT WORKS on your body. Kudos to Taylor's stylist. The gold is a perfect color, plays off her delicate hue well, the emerald earrings add the perfect POP of color. My only complaint would be the's uber lazy. Don't get me wrong, sometimes you just gotta pull out the pony, but not in this case. I'm one of many who prefer the signature curls, I think this would've been yet another opportunity to rock them proudly.

And as for the fashion...MISHAPS...

My three least favorites were:
1.Nikki Minaji - Nikki,Nikki, Nikki....oh my...where to even start. Generally speaking, my rule of thumb is, if you can't walk in it, don't wear it! I was beyond frustrated watching miss barbie stumble across the stage time and time again - it was embarrassing. I am a huge proponent of celebrating and expressing individuality, but in this case, she failed me. Miserably. The hair is cute, loving the soft curls, but I was far too distracted by her "curtain-like"           green skirt to even pay attention.
2. Katy Perry - Yet another case of individuality gone wrong. Katy Perry is one of those artists who falls in the Rhianna, Lady Gaga, Nikki Minaji category - she sings and dresses to her own tune. Her red carpet look however, eh not so much. I love the blue shoes, and of course, the pink hair (a theme of the night, or so it seemed) but the geisha-inspired dress, I just didn't quite understand where she was going with this look.The color and design did nothing for her. Thumbs down in my book.
3. Mary J. Blige - It saddens me to put Mary in this category, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. This red carpet look was just off. Lord knows I L.O.V.E. animal print, in most cases I don't really think one can go wrong, but this design and this material just didn't work well on the red carpet. Mary has such a great body and a strong presence, this "flowy" material didn't mesh well with the print and didn't do her justice AT ALL. Truthfully, I was a much bigger fan of her white tux look, I would have preferred to see that look on the red. 

Of course there were lots more looks to choose from - good and not so good - but these looks caught my eye immediately.

Did you watch the AMA's? What were your favs and least favs? I'm curious to know....

Stay FAB my loves and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

"Just Add A Cherry..."

In a few hours I will be hosting a gala here in Buffalo sponsored by the Buffalo Urban League. Though this is my third time hosting, it's the first time I've opted for a "LBD" - I'll admit it, I get a bit uptight when it comes to wearing black, ironic I know. But hey, there's a first time for everything!

The only upside...and this is a rather big shoes shoes. 

The highlight of this outfit, of course, are the shoes!!!

After four hours of trying on shoes I gave up. This just doesn't happen often, especially to me. I accepted the fact that I might just have to...wear black shoes...I can't even utter the thought of it without cringing. 

Black on black? Not if you don't have to.

That was of course until I stumbled upon Steve Madden. And was introduced to SHOE CLIPS!

Have you ever heard of a more brilliant fashion-forward idea?

When I saw this fuchsia pump, all I could say was, "size 8 please!"

The only thing missing...some...umph!

A plain shoe one minute... 

                     A masterpiece the next...

          (thanks to my dapper boyfriend the shoe model)

The perfect cherry to top my "shoedae".

Shop Bando has some affordable and eclectic shoe clips. I love them! Check them out, what do you think?? Would you ever invest in a pair?!

"Oldies But Goodies"

In honor of our beloved Natalie Wood, may you rest in peace,I've decided to pay homage to some of hollywood's original "glamazons".

Old Hollywood Glamour is one of my weaknesses. I am a sucker for the black and white movies, the bright red lipstick, the corsets, the soft curls, the elegant dresses, the jewels, the list goes on. 


Some of my all-time favorite movies, to this day, star Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, and yes Natalie Wood. 

Just think how much Hollywood has evolved over the last 50 years, give or take. 

Celebrities are still paying tribute to old fashions, styles, and trends as they sail down the red carpet today

How can we forget Elizabeth. Queen of the screen and of the jewels. Whenever I think of Elizabeth Taylor and her countless contributions to the fashion world I can't help but think of Cleopatra.

Her costumes, her make-up, her impeccable selection of jewelry... I don't care what anyone says - the smokey eye was brought to life in this movie. 

And Grace Kelly...the woman who inspired the creation, design, and elegance of Duchess Katherine's wedding dress decades later.

Lace is a genuine staple of "old hollywood" style. It adds the perfect touch of femininity and sexiness to a classic look. You just can't go wrong.

And Audrey. I mean, who hasn't seen Breakfast At Tiffany's? Need I say more?
The "up-do", classic "LBD"(little black dress, a must) and die for. If simple worked back then, why shouldn't it work now?

Fashion is a cyclical medium. Things go and they come. Styles go in and go out. It's all a process of expressing yourself in the moment.

Who are your favorite "glamazons" of the past? 

Thursday, November 17, 2011

"One Splash At A Time"

I'm sure you've all seen it around, it's not necessarily a "new" fashion concept. Well, on second thought, it's not necessarily an "old" one either. 

Color-blocking that is. 

The concept behind it is purely artistic, perhaps that's why I'm such a huge fan.

So, what is color-blocking? Glad you asked. 

Essentially, it's one ingenious way of incorporating "patches" of color within the pattern of a single design or even a single outfit.

Creative, no?

A writer for the Houston Chronicle put it quite eloquently:

"Color-blocking is more subtle with pops of several colors, not the entire rainbow spectrum. You can add an ultra-bright top with black pants and a two-tone clutch or have a bright-color jacket with a skirt in a softer tone."

It's one way to pick apart a rainbow...strip by strip...

Yes, these colors are indeed bright and loud, but what's remarkable is that somehow these ladies still manage to draw attention to themselves in a classy way.

I don't find their combinations overbearing in the least.

My trick, I always ask myself, "Liz are you wearing the color, or is the color wearing you?"

It never fails. Trust me.

If you couldn't tell by now, I'm not a huge investor in monotone fashions. To me color is the beat of life, why not wear it in some capacity at all times?

Splashes, patches, sprinkles...doesn't matter to me...don't be afraid of drawing attention to yourself in the right way!

Just yesterday I stumbled upon this fab picture of Ashley Greene and the lovely Nikki Reed (Twilight, ah yes!) and I immediately started salivating at the mere sight of their dresses.

At the premiere of Breaking Dawn

These  ladies know how to do a red carpet justice! I mean, c'mon now!

Though I immediately gravitated towards Nikki's lime green number, Ashley's "goddess-like" split stole my attention and my heart rather quickly.

Which's is your favorite?!

The geometric construction of these dresses, they're as sharp as a knife, breath-taking.

What I ABSOLUTELY love about the concept behind color-blocking is that it allows people to have fun in ways unimaginable.

Colors play off of one-another, shapes, and the human eye.

You never quite  know what certain pieces are going to look like until you see that reflection glaring back at you.

So...who out there is courageous enough to make a C.O.L.O.R.F.U.L. purchase next time she pulls into the mall?

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

"'Tis the Season!"


I absolutely love this time of year because it means I can wear all the fancy nail polish.

And by fancy I mean...the reds, the glitters, the "holiday" collections...

Ah, yes, heavenly!

Oh, before you say, "I thought this blog was about clothes!", it's about FASHION.

Anything that constitutes as "fashionable" is fair game in my book.

Manis and pedis are, well great! How else can I put it? 

There's nothing better than treating yourself to some R & R, well-deserved R & R at that.

Today I went with one of my best friends to the salon and we both got some fabulous manis. What can I say? It's been one of those weeks. 

We both opted for some holiday hues...shimmery eggplant and candy cane red...of course.
candy cane red
shimmery eggplant
I'm a sucker for bright colors. So, you'll never really find me rocking the ivories or the light pinks, but hey if you can pull that off I say, GO FOR IT!

Color is color. Just make sure you have a bit going for yourself's remarkable how quickly painted nails can cheer you up.

I'm a big fan of OPIEssie, and Sally Hansen. I find that these paints last longer and they're colors are rich and smooth. 

Check the links out. Worth every buck!

What are your favorite "holiday hues"??

"Flare it up"

I've been noticing lately that, like most styles, flare jeans have made their way back onto the runway and into my closet.

I'm a firm believer that one must own jeans for every occasion - from apple picking, to date night, to dress down day at work, you have to be prepared!

Or so I tell myself every time I hand over my credit card. 

My latest obsession? FLARE JEANS. 

I think the name serves them well, jeans with a bit of a flare, style that is.

I'm particularly a fan of the dark wash, I think they dress up an outfit superbly well. 

It doesn't take much...add a simple v-neck, embellished blazer, 5 inch heels, a leopard print bag and you're ready to W.O.W. the world.

I think Victoria Beckham, or Posh Spice as I still call her, has not only mastered the art of rocking the "flare", but the woman knows how to design a great pair as well.

I've been a fan of her line since it first graced the runway at Bryant Park, impressive.

Her vision is a true reflection of her style, not to mention, she knows exactly what we woman want.
When I saw this pic of her and her adorable baby Harper I died...I have a weakness for fashionable's just...inspiring. 

This lady knows how to strut that post-baby bod!

Jeans are a classic American fashion staple. Simple put, they are a MUST.

When it comes to finding the right pair - FIT IS EVERYTHING.


1. Understanding your body and what works is the first step, when you go to the store, know your measurements so that you have a place to start.

2. Washes are a great way to express your personality - color says everything. Dark, light, stonewashed...choose something that compliments you.

3. Tailoring! Length can make or break a fabulous pair of jeans. If you find the right fit don't be discouraged if they require tailoring, invest in them, they will serve you well.

4. Always make sure whatever jeans you buY SPANDEX is a component, it increases comfort and jeans bounce back to shape after washing.

It's all pretty straight-forward from here! 

You can find flare jeans at most stores. I recommend Seven Jeans - I find that they fit the female body quite well. 

And of course, Victoria Beckham Denim. Here are the exact pair that she's wearing in the picture above.

Check out Net-A-Porter, this is a GREAT site for finding designer things at everyday prices!

What are your favorite pair of jeans? Tell me all about them....

Monday, November 14, 2011

"From the classroom to the newsroom"

I'm sure I'm not alone when I say the real world is indeed just that - real.

After I graduated from college I thought I was as prepared as could be to land that first big job on television.

That was of course until I took a long hard my closet.

Jeans, T-shirts, sweaters...yep...everything a girl needed to survive the peaks and valleys of collegiate life. An interview however? Not so much.

I've spent the past 24 years cultivating my sense of "style." My collection - priceless.

Needless to say, broadening my taste to include the "unfamiliar" was a rather...well...foreign experience. 

I couldn't fathom having to compromise my favorite stores, designers, shoes...all for the job I didn't have. I was frustrated.

But, I realized rather quickly, if I had any hopes of making it to the top, I had to start thinking and dressing like I was already there.

First stop - The Limited

I'm a sucker for a quality sweater set, which The Limited, come to find, is universally known for. I mean honestly, what reporter/anchor doesn't own a good sweater set? The two essentially go hand-in-hand.

Though they had a reasonably priced selection of skirts and slacks, I found it hard to find something that complimented my body, from there it was on to the next. 

And the next. And the next...

I would say after countless hours at the mall (and searching endlessly online), I achieved success. 

After much deliberation, my top three most reliable stores for prim and proper, yet flattering work attire are:

1. Talbots (expensive, but classic and worthwhile)
2. Ann Taylor (semi-expensive)
3. NY & Company (surprisingly great fits and even better prices!)

For a woman in her mid-20's, it's not easy trying to find the right thing to wear to work. In fact, I'll go out on a limb and call it exactly like it is, down right difficult!

I can hear my mother now...

"Nothing too sexy, that's a bit too revealing, aren't those pants too loose?"

Oh, I could lament for days. But I'm sure you've all heard it before, so I'll spare you my mother's voice.

Much like anything else, compiling your "workdrobe" takes time and requires trial and error (if you're anything like me).

After all, dressing the part in the "real" world can profoundly affect your career in the long run.

The academic world, well that's a different story, I'm sure you've graced your 8am class with the joy of your PJs every once and again freshman year.


The bottom line - revamping your closet before that first interview might be daunting, but it's worth your while. It's a life long investment. A worthy one at that.

Here are a few "workdrobe" staples that have served me well...who knows...maybe you'll be inspired to pick up a few the next time you head out to the mall.


1.Invest in a pair of solid black leather pumps and nude/taupe pumps - THEY MATCH WITH EVERYTHING!

These pumps are fashionable, yet sensible. Aldo,$55.

I'm a HUGE fan of these. Tweed is super chic, warm, and matches with most things! Talbots, 


3. Solid black dress!

I love this dress because it's youthful, yet sophisticated. Also I love the sexy trim along the bottom and the waist belt! Talbots, $169

4. White collared shirt!

Finding the right white button down is difficult. This is chic and different, yet appropriate.I love the ruffles. Ann Taylor, $78 

 5. Pencil skirt!

A woman always needs a pencil skirt! This "pop" of color is perfect as well. Not too strong, not too weak. Love it! NY & Co., $24

These are just some basics that I think every woman should have before she ventures out into the boardroom or conference room. To quote my fabulous friend Becca, "it's all about comfort, without looking like a slob!"

Sunday, November 13, 2011

"Fascinated by Fascinators"

Yet another one of my fav style icons - the ever so dainty Duchess Catherine. 

I have been rooting for her since day one, and yes, I've been following her delicious relationship with His Royal Highness Prince Williams since their days at St. Andrews.

Pure and utter jealousy seeps from my veins as I'm typing this.

I know, I know...what can I say...a girl can dream, can't she?!

In my opinion, Her Royal Highness's journey to the castle puts even Cinderella's storybook romance to shame. And trust me, I hold disney princesses to quite a high esteem,well done Kate!

As I'm sure many of you out there did, I too woke up bright and early at 5:30am to watch a girl become a princess...and just as she did yours...she took my breath away!

And I must say, these days, Kate Middleton, is truly Princess Catherine. 

She walks, talks, and even dresses like royalty and I'm loving every couture bit of it.

Brits have always captivated me with their fashion sense. I find their style to be chic yet trendy, nothing too much nor too little.

They seem to have gotten the art of looking classic yet high-style down to a science.

My #1 obsession of theirs: FACINATORS!
The Parisians have berets the Spaniards have mantillas, and the British have facinators!

Though they have been wearing them for years, Princess Catherine has really made them the "it" accessory nowadays, or so it seems to me.

Whether big or small, intricate or simple, adorned in feathers or plain, Kate's fascinators always keep me coming back for more.
They add a sprinkle of youth to her outfits and are each topped with a pinch of that warm-hearted character that we all love so much.

Now, don't be fooled, at first glance I admit I was. These "royal" creations are indeed pricey! Mostly made to order, they can range in prices from hundreds to thousands, and in some cases beyond...

But who's counting (wink wink)??

As usual, for your shopping pleasure, I've come equipped with good news and great prices. 

I found some GREAT fascinator "look-a-likes" online at a store called, "Fascinators NYC". You can find a variety of themes, styles and colors all for LESS than $50!
Royalty at real prices - live the dream ladies!

And remember, the next time you are running out the door for Happy Hour, why not "Fascinate" your friends with a lil' something extra?

Post pics of you or your friends in your "fascinators," I'd love to see them! 


At one point or another we've all gotten one, or at least dreamed of one, a makeover that is.

I used to have the longest hair. It was a proud staple of mine. As a woman of color, it's not easy to achieve length, trust me!

Me my junior year of college
I walked around everyday tossing that hair, turning it, and silently utterly to myself, "because you're worth it". Gotta love those Loreal commercials.

But that all came to a crashing halt my junior year of college.

I've always been the adventurous type - I'll try most things once, you only get one life, right?

Over Christmas break I decided to change things up. Give myself a MAKEOVER.

I dyed my hair, got highlights, the whole nine yards.  

Suddenly, my coveted chocolate locks were falling out in the shower, in my brush...Lord was the complete opposite of what I thought was going to happen. 

Instead of parading around my hot new "due", I was hiding it and myself from the rest of the college campus. 

Pitiful, I know. 

Well, I decided right then and there to take those lemons and turn them into lemon-aid. 

After all, hair is just hair, it comes and it goes.

I opted for an inverted bob cut. 

I remember driving to the salon with this picture of Ellen Barkin's cute Red Carpet "due"...I couldn't wait to see what it would look like on me.

After 30 minutes of squeezing the life out of my sister's hand, my sincere apologies E, it was done!

I was officially transformed...made

And let me tell you, IT FELT GREAT!

No more dead hair, no more dead ends, no more shame.

What'd you think?!
Me today
Ever since my makeover, I vowed to help all those courageous individuals out there in need. 

It's amazing what a new look can do for your self-esteem.

Just last week two of my dearest friends asked me to help them, give them a "mini" makeover.

After all, as journalists part of our job description is looking good all day, everyday at a moment's notice. A skill I'm still in the process of mastering.

Naturally, being the fasionista that I am, I jumped at the opportunity to help these lovely ladies. It's amazing what a straightener, some hair spray, a little gloss and mascara can do!

Needless to say, they were unrecognizable after I was done with them.

Beautiful. Simply beautiful.

When it comes to makeovers I have a few tips:

1. Don't bite off more than you can chew, it's a gradual process, start with color, then a cut and go from there...make it easy for yourself.

2. If you can, hire a professional. BECAUSE YOU'RE WORTH IT!

3. Make sure you ask for something you can maintain, that "day of look" won't last forever.

4. Be courageous - try something new and different, remember, not even permanent dye is permanent.

5. Always do your research. has a FAB website that you can play around with for hairstyles, colors, and cuts...see what looks good and go from there. 

With 2012 right around the corner,now's the perfect time to brainstorm a "new" look...why not ring in a new year in with a new you?! 

I dedicate this post to my two fabulous friends, Eva and go ladies!!

Have any of you gotten makeovers, tell me about them, I'm dying to know!