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Saturday, November 19, 2011

"Oldies But Goodies"

In honor of our beloved Natalie Wood, may you rest in peace,I've decided to pay homage to some of hollywood's original "glamazons".

Old Hollywood Glamour is one of my weaknesses. I am a sucker for the black and white movies, the bright red lipstick, the corsets, the soft curls, the elegant dresses, the jewels, the list goes on. 


Some of my all-time favorite movies, to this day, star Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, and yes Natalie Wood. 

Just think how much Hollywood has evolved over the last 50 years, give or take. 

Celebrities are still paying tribute to old fashions, styles, and trends as they sail down the red carpet today

How can we forget Elizabeth. Queen of the screen and of the jewels. Whenever I think of Elizabeth Taylor and her countless contributions to the fashion world I can't help but think of Cleopatra.

Her costumes, her make-up, her impeccable selection of jewelry... I don't care what anyone says - the smokey eye was brought to life in this movie. 

And Grace Kelly...the woman who inspired the creation, design, and elegance of Duchess Katherine's wedding dress decades later.

Lace is a genuine staple of "old hollywood" style. It adds the perfect touch of femininity and sexiness to a classic look. You just can't go wrong.

And Audrey. I mean, who hasn't seen Breakfast At Tiffany's? Need I say more?
The "up-do", classic "LBD"(little black dress, a must) and die for. If simple worked back then, why shouldn't it work now?

Fashion is a cyclical medium. Things go and they come. Styles go in and go out. It's all a process of expressing yourself in the moment.

Who are your favorite "glamazons" of the past? 

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