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Thursday, November 17, 2011

"One Splash At A Time"

I'm sure you've all seen it around, it's not necessarily a "new" fashion concept. Well, on second thought, it's not necessarily an "old" one either. 

Color-blocking that is. 

The concept behind it is purely artistic, perhaps that's why I'm such a huge fan.

So, what is color-blocking? Glad you asked. 

Essentially, it's one ingenious way of incorporating "patches" of color within the pattern of a single design or even a single outfit.

Creative, no?

A writer for the Houston Chronicle put it quite eloquently:

"Color-blocking is more subtle with pops of several colors, not the entire rainbow spectrum. You can add an ultra-bright top with black pants and a two-tone clutch or have a bright-color jacket with a skirt in a softer tone."

It's one way to pick apart a rainbow...strip by strip...

Yes, these colors are indeed bright and loud, but what's remarkable is that somehow these ladies still manage to draw attention to themselves in a classy way.

I don't find their combinations overbearing in the least.

My trick, I always ask myself, "Liz are you wearing the color, or is the color wearing you?"

It never fails. Trust me.

If you couldn't tell by now, I'm not a huge investor in monotone fashions. To me color is the beat of life, why not wear it in some capacity at all times?

Splashes, patches, sprinkles...doesn't matter to me...don't be afraid of drawing attention to yourself in the right way!

Just yesterday I stumbled upon this fab picture of Ashley Greene and the lovely Nikki Reed (Twilight, ah yes!) and I immediately started salivating at the mere sight of their dresses.

At the premiere of Breaking Dawn

These  ladies know how to do a red carpet justice! I mean, c'mon now!

Though I immediately gravitated towards Nikki's lime green number, Ashley's "goddess-like" split stole my attention and my heart rather quickly.

Which's is your favorite?!

The geometric construction of these dresses, they're as sharp as a knife, breath-taking.

What I ABSOLUTELY love about the concept behind color-blocking is that it allows people to have fun in ways unimaginable.

Colors play off of one-another, shapes, and the human eye.

You never quite  know what certain pieces are going to look like until you see that reflection glaring back at you.

So...who out there is courageous enough to make a C.O.L.O.R.F.U.L. purchase next time she pulls into the mall?

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