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Monday, November 21, 2011

"And Best Dressed Goes To..."

Last night the AMA's were on so of course I tuned in for the sights and sounds.

I always love watching awards shows, its a perfect way to see what's what - new, trendy, "in" and not so in.

Naturally, I had my favs, but I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the faux pauxs as well.

(Nikki Minaji...cough cough)

Well, in the spirit of awards, I'll get right to it.

My top three fashion stars go to:
1. Jennifer Lopez - the black lace was risky but if anyone can pull off something like this, sexy with a hint of class, after TWINS no less, it's Miss. Lopez

2. Katherine Heigl - I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this dress. It is very "old hollywood-esk", the flowiness, the deep plunge, I thought it was extremely flattering and appropriate. I would've liked to see it in a deep burgundy perhaps, but nonetheless I thought the dress was a smart choice. The caged heels, to die, as were the drop earrings. When working with so much skin, a slicked back up-do is a must.

3. Taylor Swift - "Little Miss Country" has grown up! I absolutely love this dress. It's simple, classic, and YOUTHFUL. True to Taylor. I think taking risks are important when it comes to fashion, however, I think it's equally as important to KNOW WHAT WORKS on your body. Kudos to Taylor's stylist. The gold is a perfect color, plays off her delicate hue well, the emerald earrings add the perfect POP of color. My only complaint would be the's uber lazy. Don't get me wrong, sometimes you just gotta pull out the pony, but not in this case. I'm one of many who prefer the signature curls, I think this would've been yet another opportunity to rock them proudly.

And as for the fashion...MISHAPS...

My three least favorites were:
1.Nikki Minaji - Nikki,Nikki, Nikki....oh my...where to even start. Generally speaking, my rule of thumb is, if you can't walk in it, don't wear it! I was beyond frustrated watching miss barbie stumble across the stage time and time again - it was embarrassing. I am a huge proponent of celebrating and expressing individuality, but in this case, she failed me. Miserably. The hair is cute, loving the soft curls, but I was far too distracted by her "curtain-like"           green skirt to even pay attention.
2. Katy Perry - Yet another case of individuality gone wrong. Katy Perry is one of those artists who falls in the Rhianna, Lady Gaga, Nikki Minaji category - she sings and dresses to her own tune. Her red carpet look however, eh not so much. I love the blue shoes, and of course, the pink hair (a theme of the night, or so it seemed) but the geisha-inspired dress, I just didn't quite understand where she was going with this look.The color and design did nothing for her. Thumbs down in my book.
3. Mary J. Blige - It saddens me to put Mary in this category, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. This red carpet look was just off. Lord knows I L.O.V.E. animal print, in most cases I don't really think one can go wrong, but this design and this material just didn't work well on the red carpet. Mary has such a great body and a strong presence, this "flowy" material didn't mesh well with the print and didn't do her justice AT ALL. Truthfully, I was a much bigger fan of her white tux look, I would have preferred to see that look on the red. 

Of course there were lots more looks to choose from - good and not so good - but these looks caught my eye immediately.

Did you watch the AMA's? What were your favs and least favs? I'm curious to know....

Stay FAB my loves and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

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