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Saturday, November 12, 2011

"I Salute You"

Happy Saturday!

In honor of Veteran's Day, I'm featuring some of the hottest "military inspired" pieces out there - from the runway to the racks.
First and foremost, my thoughts, prayers, and thanks go out to all of you brave ladies and gents out who serve the great U.S. of A - past and present. 

You inspire me and my wardrobe.


I know I'm not alone out there - everyone has at least one "camo" piece in their closet. It goes without saying. 

I've always been a fan of army green - it's so rich and truthfully it can blend with almost anything. 

Tan, camel, white, black, grey, even burgundy looks great.

I would say one major staple this season (every season really) are blazers - such game changers.

I am a HUGE fan of pieces that transform outfits from "classy" day to "sexy" night. Again, a worthwhile investment.

      Military blazers are fabulous for four reasons: 

1. Rich colors, usually featured in shades of army green or navy blue, black can be great as well


3. Gold Trimming, the stitching adds the perfect "pop" of color 

4. Slim, unique fit

I would suggest rocking a nice pair of skinny jeans, a simple tee, and some killer shoes to top off the outfit - remember the key is to draw attention to the blazer, so don't overdue basic pieces.

One designer who I adore and truly miss is the late, great, Alexander McQueen - he lived for military inspired fashions.

I mean, the man practically slept in combat boots.

It's the way he intertwined "toughness" with a splash of "elegance" that just blows my mind - it's ingenious.

McQueen's Pre-Fall 2011 Collection

Yet another fav of mine, the aforementioned, COMBAT BOOTS!

They've been a fan fav in Hollywood for a few years now and it makes sense why. They are fashionably, functional!

Leggings, a chunky sweater, great earring, and a great satchel and you're ready to roll. 

Miss Ashley Tisdale does this pair justice.
F.Y.I.,Steve Madden has some great, inexpensive pairs to check out.

                   My biggest advice would be:

Don't be afraid to experience something new, play with a different side of you. 

For all you "girlie girls" like myself out there, don't be swayed by the term "military" - you can always find ways to incorporate pieces that fit your personality and flare.

Have fun and remember, if you know any Vets out there, put their old pieces to good use.

Enjoy today's sales and remember...stay fabulous!!

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