Shattered Glass

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

"'Tis the Season!"


I absolutely love this time of year because it means I can wear all the fancy nail polish.

And by fancy I mean...the reds, the glitters, the "holiday" collections...

Ah, yes, heavenly!

Oh, before you say, "I thought this blog was about clothes!", it's about FASHION.

Anything that constitutes as "fashionable" is fair game in my book.

Manis and pedis are, well great! How else can I put it? 

There's nothing better than treating yourself to some R & R, well-deserved R & R at that.

Today I went with one of my best friends to the salon and we both got some fabulous manis. What can I say? It's been one of those weeks. 

We both opted for some holiday hues...shimmery eggplant and candy cane red...of course.
candy cane red
shimmery eggplant
I'm a sucker for bright colors. So, you'll never really find me rocking the ivories or the light pinks, but hey if you can pull that off I say, GO FOR IT!

Color is color. Just make sure you have a bit going for yourself's remarkable how quickly painted nails can cheer you up.

I'm a big fan of OPIEssie, and Sally Hansen. I find that these paints last longer and they're colors are rich and smooth. 

Check the links out. Worth every buck!

What are your favorite "holiday hues"??


  1. Call me a hypocrite with the eggplant nails (as seen above) but my fav color for the holiday season is a rich red. Next mani, red it is!! And I'll be stylishly tacky and add a snowflake design on it ;)

    Tis the Season!!

  2. I think some people are afraid "dark" colors aren't professional...I''d beg to differ. I think dark colors on short nails not only look professional, but they look stylish ;)

  3. I'm inspired. Next manicure I get, I'm going for something in the gray family :)