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Friday, November 11, 2011

"Beauty's in the eye of the Beholder"

I was so excited when I saw this picture of Demi Lovato at the Latin Grammy Awards,held last night in Las Vegas. For those of you out there who watched it, I know you echo my sentiments when I say....GO GIRLFRIEND!!!

First and foremost, I have to say that being in the public eye is not an easy job. Yes, I mean J.O.B.

I can't count the amount of times I leave my apartment without thinking of glancing at the mirror for fear of what I might see looking back at me.

I can't imagine being a teenager in her position. Being picked apart and compared to women decades older than me on a daily's seems...unreal to me.

Who wouldn't suffer from low self-esteem after that?

And if you're out there saying..."not me"... I beg you to answer truthfully.

It's public knowledge that Demi suffered with Bulimia for years, a struggle she confessed to while on tour. In fact, the pressure pushed her out of tour and into rehab.

And all the while, every time I would read an article about her I would subconsciously ask myself: to what extent would I push myself for social acceptance?

Well, in truth, I should be asking, HAVE I pushed myself for social acceptance?

She matter how beautiful I look, something's wrong if I don't feel it. Something's wrong if I don't see it.

Hence, the name of this blog, "Shattered Glass".

Nothing is perfect.No one is perfect. Each and every single one of us has imperfections. But within those imperfections lay the unique angles of our character. 

When I saw this picture of Demi, this sexy, sharp, vibrant, overtly tight yet elegant dress, all I could think of many of us are that courageous?

I'm a woman. So like many of you (reading this) body image is a struggle I deal with...constantly. 

But what I've come to learn is is about growing...

Freeing yourself from the confines of your own negativity and finding liberating outlets that help you let go and live free.

FASHION is my "freeing agent". 

What we wear is what we feel, and what we feel... well... that defines where we are emotionally, mentally, and physically in life. 

I'm not impressed that Demi chose this dress, on the contrary,who wouldn't? Its utterly stunning.

What stands out to me, is her courage, how she wears the dress... 

Just read it, the freedom of her expression says it all.
Demi Lovato, Latin Grammy's 2011
What do you think about fashion as a "freeing agent?" 

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