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Friday, November 25, 2011

"Black Friday"

I hope everyone had a wonderful Turkey Day, Lord knows I'm still recovering from not one, but two feasts! 

Slowly, but surely I'll make it back to the gym, haha.

Well, the "biggest shopping day of the year" is here. BLACK FRIDAY that is.

I have a much as I am a self-proclaimed fashionista, Black Friday is not my favorite shopping day of the year.

Sure - the sales are plentiful, but so are the crowds!

I prefer a more serene and enjoyable experience when I'm mulling through the racks, the possibility of being run over by a shopping cart is just not my idea of fun, but that's just me.

In the spirit of sales however, I decided to learn more about this fan favorite day.

I know it's the beginning of the Christmas season, but the "where" and "why" are still mysteries to me.

Ah, Google, how I love thee.

Within seconds I learned that the name "Black Friday" originated in Philly of all places. 

According to Time Magazine:

"The term Black Friday itself was used to describe something else entirely - the Sept. 24th, 1864, stock-market panic set off by plunging gold prices. Newspapers in Philadelphia re-appropriated the phrase in the late 1960s - using it to describe the rush of crowds at stores.The justification came much later, tied to accounting balance sheets where black ink would represent a profit."

Interesting, no?

I had no idea that something dating back that many years ago would turn into the full-contact sport that it is today! 


Stores, online retailers...they're all the same...sales, sales, sales. Get up early, get the best deal!

I noticed today, when I was searching online, that the best deals indeed ended at noon, almost every site I visited were promoting  things at half price. 

I was MORE than tempted to make some purchases ( guilty, cough cough).

Though I most likely won't make it out to the stores today, I'm counting on all of you to share your adventurous tales with me.

What'd you buy? Where did you find the best deals? Was it PACKED?!

I'm dying of anticipation....


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