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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

"Flare it up"

I've been noticing lately that, like most styles, flare jeans have made their way back onto the runway and into my closet.

I'm a firm believer that one must own jeans for every occasion - from apple picking, to date night, to dress down day at work, you have to be prepared!

Or so I tell myself every time I hand over my credit card. 

My latest obsession? FLARE JEANS. 

I think the name serves them well, jeans with a bit of a flare, style that is.

I'm particularly a fan of the dark wash, I think they dress up an outfit superbly well. 

It doesn't take much...add a simple v-neck, embellished blazer, 5 inch heels, a leopard print bag and you're ready to W.O.W. the world.

I think Victoria Beckham, or Posh Spice as I still call her, has not only mastered the art of rocking the "flare", but the woman knows how to design a great pair as well.

I've been a fan of her line since it first graced the runway at Bryant Park, impressive.

Her vision is a true reflection of her style, not to mention, she knows exactly what we woman want.
When I saw this pic of her and her adorable baby Harper I died...I have a weakness for fashionable's just...inspiring. 

This lady knows how to strut that post-baby bod!

Jeans are a classic American fashion staple. Simple put, they are a MUST.

When it comes to finding the right pair - FIT IS EVERYTHING.


1. Understanding your body and what works is the first step, when you go to the store, know your measurements so that you have a place to start.

2. Washes are a great way to express your personality - color says everything. Dark, light, stonewashed...choose something that compliments you.

3. Tailoring! Length can make or break a fabulous pair of jeans. If you find the right fit don't be discouraged if they require tailoring, invest in them, they will serve you well.

4. Always make sure whatever jeans you buY SPANDEX is a component, it increases comfort and jeans bounce back to shape after washing.

It's all pretty straight-forward from here! 

You can find flare jeans at most stores. I recommend Seven Jeans - I find that they fit the female body quite well. 

And of course, Victoria Beckham Denim. Here are the exact pair that she's wearing in the picture above.

Check out Net-A-Porter, this is a GREAT site for finding designer things at everyday prices!

What are your favorite pair of jeans? Tell me all about them....


  1. I'm a fan of the dark wash. Pair it with a button down, blazer, and flats and you can go to work. Change that into a fun tank, long earrings, some hot heels, and extra eye makeup and you've got the perfect nighttime look!

  2. Great point Becca! I think dark washes make it MUCH easier to transform DAY pieces into NIGHT pieces!

    Take notes ladies!!