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Saturday, November 19, 2011

"Just Add A Cherry..."

In a few hours I will be hosting a gala here in Buffalo sponsored by the Buffalo Urban League. Though this is my third time hosting, it's the first time I've opted for a "LBD" - I'll admit it, I get a bit uptight when it comes to wearing black, ironic I know. But hey, there's a first time for everything!

The only upside...and this is a rather big shoes shoes. 

The highlight of this outfit, of course, are the shoes!!!

After four hours of trying on shoes I gave up. This just doesn't happen often, especially to me. I accepted the fact that I might just have to...wear black shoes...I can't even utter the thought of it without cringing. 

Black on black? Not if you don't have to.

That was of course until I stumbled upon Steve Madden. And was introduced to SHOE CLIPS!

Have you ever heard of a more brilliant fashion-forward idea?

When I saw this fuchsia pump, all I could say was, "size 8 please!"

The only thing missing...some...umph!

A plain shoe one minute... 

                     A masterpiece the next...

          (thanks to my dapper boyfriend the shoe model)

The perfect cherry to top my "shoedae".

Shop Bando has some affordable and eclectic shoe clips. I love them! Check them out, what do you think?? Would you ever invest in a pair?!

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