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Thursday, April 12, 2012

A "Fresh" Angle....

From it's initial inception, this blog has been a tribute to all those courageous people out there who dare to live their personal TRUTH day in and day out - 24/7, 365. 

Living out my personal truth hasn't always been easy. I liken the journey to that of a roller-coaster ride - a series of ups and downs. 

Perhaps at breakfast I enjoy my own company, but by lunch I'm ready for a change...sound familiar?

As I've gotten older I've realized that owning my truth has a lot to do with identifying and owning my character - my likes, dislikes, needs, wants, desires. 

       ... I wake up every morning to the same question...

The avenue of FASHION is one phenomenally unique way of honing in on who you are and releasing your spirit in a dynamic, colorful and creative way.

Growing up I was never a follower. I wore whatever I wanted, whatever made me,me. 

Oh, the memories! 

"What is she wearing?" "Who does she think she is? Black and blue never went together?" "Is it Halloween?"

I embrace it all.

Years later, I have come to realize that while fashion is one avenue that helps us identify our own niche, a comfort zone of sorts, there are indeed a host of others. 

For example, what about nature? Think of the countless designers who've created billion dollar collections inspired by the world outside their windows.

I've come to realize over the past few months, while on hiatus, that perhaps I've bought into "my reflection" more than I've bought into my "self". 

"Not everything that glitters is gold, darling."

I spent a month in the desert...just me, mama nature, and those mountains...needless to say I brought nothing fabulous to wear but my smile. 

My Perspective

No heels, no glamour, no make-up...just me...a puritan.
And yet, as unfamiliar as it felt, I can truthfully say, I've never felt more at peace, more beautiful, more confidant, more sexy.

Who knew!  

I realized (perhaps later than sooner) that my "clothes" are only as beautiful and colorful and striking as I look and feel. I mean have you ever gone shopping when you feel like crap? 

I rather watch paint dry.Seriously. 

I chose to kick this new batch of entries off with a "fresh angle"; a new perspective on fashion, identity, beauty, self...

It's all about finding that sense of tranquility and belonging, that BALANCE.

And hey whether you find that in a brand spankin' new pair of J.Brands or in the mountains in Arizona, just appreciate that you found it. 

And remember, not even diamonds look like diamonds in their purest form.

Cheers to a different perspective <3.

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