Shattered Glass

Thursday, April 19, 2012


The beauty of the female form always leaves me in awe. Now, I'll admit, I too, like most women, grapple with bouts of insecurity  issues now and then. Hey, I'm not proud, I'm human.

As I was getting ready to head out to the gym today I packed the usuals - mags, headphones, iphone, water...motivation...and I made my way!

The gym and I haven't always been "amigos". Let's just say, we went through a pretty severe break-up after years of what felt like an abusive relationship.

Essentially, I worked myself to the bone, literally.

As I sat on the bike, peddling away, I couldn't help but absorb everything around me. It's amazing what one notices when given the opportunity to...breathe.

The vast array of bodies, shapes, work outs, will power, drive, confidence, style - I was taken aback. I wasn't focused on myself, as per usual. Suddenly, I had this new-found appreciation for others.

It felt, well, refreshing!

Every time I go to the gym I find myself "nit-picking" - oh this is too flabby, this is too saggy, this could be tighter, this could look firmer. I can't recall ever having something positive to say about myself, not even "congrats for dragging your butt here!"

Sad, I know. 

As I looked around the gym I noticed that while every person in there was working...working hard...their faces didn't look miserable, they had "acceptance" written all over their faces. 

I had been reading the Spring Edition of InStyle while on the bike and suddenly this inherent pressure I felt to look like Jen Aniston on the cover faded.


Such a profound concept. By definition, "to accept" means to "receive something or someone with favor or approval."

It's almost comical. The countless amount of times I've accepted others and yet refused to accept myself. From my body, to my smile, to my skin tone, to my hair...nothing was good enough.

For 10 years, I lived and breathed the impossibility  of perfection.

After leaving the gym, I ran across this picture on my girlfriend's Facebook page and it resonated with me.

There's something about the unique stance of each individual woman that radiates - acceptance.


The fact of the matter is -  a power greater than any single one of us made us who we are; well at least that's how I perceive things, that's when my ignorance isn't clouding my vision of course.

Having put that out there...I have a proposal.

For you readers out there I challenge you to answer these 3 questions.

1. What if, instead of waking up and critiquing what you see in the bathroom mirror, you dare yourself to ACCEPT what you see?

2. What if, you started the day off celebrating yourself instead of destroying yourself? 

3. When was the last time you said to yourself, "I LOVE YOU JUST AS YOU ARE?" How did you feel?

Just some "food for thought" the next time you pencil in a workout!


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