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Monday, April 16, 2012

"A Smile, Now That's Priceless..."

We all have good days. And then there are those notorious bad ones. The "I feel terrible from the inside out, I'll just wear my PJs around all day" kind of days.  

We've all been sucked into the slumps. Myself included. 

This past week I've worn my PJs around more than I'd like to count; but, this morning, well I decided to do something different. 

I tried, rather. 

I'm a firm believer in baby steps.I mean, why intentionally set yourself up for failure? The road to success isn't as seamless as a sprint to the finish line. Nor as instantaneous as the snap of a finger.

For those of you who doubt me, track your progress and then check back in about five years, are you there yet? Maybe...maybe not.

I woke up this morning after 3 successfully torturous nights of insomnia and felt...E.M.P.T.Y.

No energy, no feeling...nothing. My exhaustion finally caught up with me. Trying to put on "the face" wasn't even an option today.  

And yet, something changed. I changed.

Every morning I read inspirational quotes or articles; cliche I know, but hey sometimes it's the little things that make all the difference in the the day...

This morning's came in the form of a poem. A poem that speaks truth in a melodic, yet profoundly vulnerable way.

A poem by an unknown author. 
An author who found power in the simple act of smiling.

For many people, smiles are pretty little facades. A "distraction" that sugar coats reality. 

Over the years, I've mastered the art of manipulating the innocence of my very own smile. I've gotten so good as to fool even myself into thinking that I'm truly happy. 

All the while, still in those infamous same pajamas.

Today, I managed to trade in the PJs for some workout clothes and I hit the gym...boy did it feel...GREAT!

I smiled from the second I committed to get outta bed, to the second I left the gym...and this time...I felt every muscle. It was a genuine act of gratitude.

For me, learning to believe in the power of smiling was enough to get me to smile. 

So, having shared my story,I too wanted to share my inspiration.  

The author may be unknown, but the content, well I believe it's known to us all.  


A smile costs nothing, but gives much-
It takes but a moment, but the memory of it usually lasts forever.
None are so rich that can get along without it-
And none are so poor but that can be made rich by it.

It enriches those who receive, without making poor those who give-
It creates sunshine in the home,
Fosters good will in business,
And is the best antidote for trouble-
And yet it cannot be begged, borrowed, or stolen, for it is of no value
Unless it is given away.

Some people are too busy to give you a smile-
Give them one of yours-
For the good Lord knows that no one needs a smile so badly
As he or she who has no more smiles left to give.


                May this change your tomorrow...xo.

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