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Friday, April 13, 2012

'Tis The Season For...Pastels?

I spent a majority of the afternoon outside playing with my precious puppy, Halo Olivia.

My Darling Pup

Cutie that she is...that little white spot on her nose - gets me every time! 

But enough K-9 chitter chatter, back to the topic at hand...


Buffalo is a true four seasons city; when it snows, boy does it S.N.O.W. But when the sun is shining, get those shades and smiles out...and SPF!

Playing in the sun all day just got me thinking...the colors of Spring are just to die for. There's something about the classy softness of pastels that I absolutely adore. 

Essie has an awesome Spring 2012 collection out right now, I was actually at Target earlier today and tested all the colors out (sssshhh, that'll just be our little secret, hehe).

I had a fav, the mint/light green. There's something about the way it complemented my skin that made me just have to buy it.

The beauty of living somewhere with four seasons is that one doesn't have to go far to find a color palette from which to draw inspiration. 

Open the window, walk down the street, breathe in the air and... 

WAH-LA. Suddenly, you know what color dress to wear.

Feeling the grass spread between my toes this afternoon really inspired my hue of choice...

Spring into Spring!

What'd ya'll think??? 

People always ask me, do your nails need to match your toes? Well, in my book, they do if your energy is consistent from head to toe. If not, why pretend? Mix it up!

Overall, I felt relaxed, cool, and calm all day...hence MINT!

What are your top 3 polishes for Spring 2012?

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